Multiple Relapses

Relapse is unfortunately a part of recovery. Although some people can go through treatment or start recovery and never relapse, a larger group of individuals feel the shame associated with “slipping”. There are several possible factors for relapse:

  • Stopping medication on your own
  • Hanging around old drinking and drugging friend-slippery places
  • Isolating
  • Keeping drugs and alcohol in the house
  • Obsessive thinking about using
  • Failing to follow one's treatment plan
  • Feeling overconfident
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Changes in eating and sleeping
  • Feeling overwhelmed/confused/useless/stresssed out
  • Constant boredom
  • Dwelling on resentments and past hurts/anger/unresolved conflicts
  • Avoidance of personal issues
  • Engaging in obsessive behaviors
  • Major life changes

Shame and guilt is part of the relapse cycle. It is important to your recovery to stop the cycle and the negative self statements. Getting the help you need for relapse prevention is very important. For many individuals, a sponsor and a 12 step program works, for others a more intensive treatment is also needed. It is essential to have a safe and nurturing environment that understands the disease of addiction to explore your past pain. You are worth what it takes to have a sober, healthy lifestyle.