Self Test

Questions to consider to determine if you can benefit from participating in a Hero's Journey...

  1. Do you see yourself attempting to control other people, places or things in your life?
  2. Has that need to control caused any consequences?
  3. Have you found yourself concentrating on others to the point of excluding your own needs?
  4. Have you felt fear of being left by people you love, or as a result of the fear, have you compromised your own values to be with them?
  5. Have you found yourself in any relationship with someone who is chemically dependent, codependent, impulse disordered, or emotionally in a crisis a great deal of the time?
  6. Have you found yourself attempting to justify your way out of problems by refusing to see them as problems?
  7. Have you found yourself feeling lethargic, blue, apathetic, or depressed lately?
  8. Have you ever contemplated suicide?
  9. Have you found your sleeping or eating patterns disturbed?
  10. Is it difficult for you to express your feelings?
  11. Have you had times of outburst of emotions?
  12. Do you find yourself scanning your environment waiting for something bad to happen?
  13. Do you find yourself reading other people’s minds?
  14. Do you identify in yourself compulsive eating, gambling, cleaning, spending, sex, or work?
  15. Have you experienced any stress related illness (i.e. stomach problems, headaches, hypertension, fainting spells, back pains, rashes, frequent colds, flu, etc) ?
  16. Have you ever experienced an overwhelming sense of anxiety?
  17. Have you been in a relationship with an active substance abuser for at least two years without seeking help?